This is a replacement for the stainless steel mouthpiece with three o-rings that is included in your..
Using this adapter that comes with each Huni Badger kit, you can connect the Huni Badger to various ..
A pack of 10 replacement o-rings that works with our various adapters. Fits the Huni Badger 510/EGO ..
Want to take your dabbing to the next level? Combining your Huni Badger to your favourite glass piec..
This stainless-steel double threaded adapter connects your Huni Badger to all the Nectar Collector t..
The Nectar Collector Honeybird Core kit is the ideal water filtration solution for your Huni Badger ..
Nectar Collector® HoneyBird Delux Bubbler Attachment for the Huni Badger  Each HoneyBird D..
710SciGlass Badger Bullet Bubbler Attachment for the Huni Badger Keep your hits water cooled ..
710SciGlass Badger Bullet Bubbler Attachment for the Huni BadgerA fusion between the original Badger..
The colored Huni Bottle iDab glass bubbler is modeled after the bottle design; featuring assorted li..
The updated 2021 Huni Bottle by iDab is a borosilicate glass bubbler attachment that features a bott..
Secure your Huni Badger and its essentials in a waterproof, hardshell case -- now available in sever..
Huni Badger Nectar Collector (HBNC) Foam Insert Upgrade for the OEM Huni Badger hard case With the ..
Built around a rugged and durable design, the Big Badger Case provides various mounting options for ..
Huni Badger Foam Insert Replacement for the Big Badger Case Need to replace the foam inside of your..