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This stainless-steel double threaded adapter connects your Huni Badger to all the Nectar Collector threaded bubblers such as the Honeybird Core or Honeybird Delux bubbler.

Note: If you have the Huniguide bubbler, you do NOT need an HBNC Adapter.  The Huniguide bubbler slips over the 510 mouthpiece that is stored in the magnetic cap.

To install the HBNC adapter simply screw the HBNC adaptor clockwise onto any of the Nectar Collector threaded bubblers, then attach the assembly to the Huni Badger mouthpiece port.

Important: Do not use your fingers as the threads can end up cutting you! Any straight edge or a key can be use with the notches as a tool to screw the adapter off and on.

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