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Nectar Collector® HoneyBird Delux Bubbler Attachment for the Huni Badger 

Each HoneyBird Delux is hand engraved, signed and numbered.

Nectar Collector® is a master creator in next generation glass vaporizers that offer unparalleled ease of use and portability. The Nectar Collector HoneyBird Delux is a spill-proof water filtration attachment that works well with the Huni Badger. The borosilicate glass bubbler produces flavorful yet smooth draws which will impress even the highest of cannabis connoisseurs. Featuring a cutting edge vortex venturi percolator, which reduces water surface tension by more than 30%, this innovative dab egg is the pinnacle of vertical vaporizer technology. Each bubbler set includes an HBNC Connector to securely attached the HoneyBird Delux to the Huni Badger.

  • Patented leak proof technology
  • Easily connects to HBNC Adapter
  • Vortex venturi percolator ensures a smooth and flavorful hit
  • Perfect for beginners & experts


  1. Fill the HoneyBird Delux with just enough water to cover half of the peculator
  2. Turn HoneyBird Delux around to ensure water level stays below mouth piece stem
  3. Wipe down the outside and dry glass connection section with paper towel
  4. Equip HoneyBird Delux with the HBNC adaptor by screwing it on
  5. Now attach HoneyBird Delux with the HBNC Adaptor to the Huni Badger
  6. Turn on the Huni Badger and enjoy!

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: Includes an HBNC adaptor to connect to the Huni Badger devices, except the Mini Badger which has the compatible threading built-in.

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