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Elevate your sessions with the Nectar Collector Donut, the latest creation by Nectar Collector. Tailored for enthusiasts who prefer an unfiltered experience, this innovative tool ensures a smooth and enjoyable hit every time. The donut-shaped chamber not only adds a stylish touch but also functions to break up splashbacks and cool down vapor.

Equipped with a removable stainless steel InfinityTech collar, the Nectar Collector Donut is designed for easy cleaning, guaranteeing fresh and enjoyable sessions. The included removable silicone container fits snugly in the donut hole, offering additional storage for on-the-go convenience, adding to your Huni Badger storage capacity.

Key Features:

Donut-Shaped Chamber: Breaks up any splashbacks and cools down vapor for a smooth and enjoyable hit.

Silicone Container: Extra storage for traveling convenience.

InfinityTech Stainless Steel Collar: Removable for easily cleaning, ensuring a fresh session every time. 

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: Requires an HBNC adaptor to connect to the Huni Badger devices, except the Mini Badger which has the compatible threading built-in.

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