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Replacement ceramic heating tip for the original Huni Badger, not intended for use with the Huni Badger PRO.

Turn your Huni Badger into a flameless lighter with the Huni Badger BlazeTip! This patented heating wand has no heavy metals and the heating circuitry is embedded within the high grade ceramic for the purest taste. Click the button 5-times to start the heating cycle and the BlazeTip will glow red within a few seconds.

Here're a few ways to use your BlazeTip.

  • Light cigars, cigarettes, and rolled botanicals
  • Replace a lighter to start a spark
  • Slowly hover it over your bowl (without touching the material) for the purest taste

There is many benefits to using the blaze tip rather than your traditional lighter,

  • Maximum Flavor
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Zero Butane Emission
  • Money Saver

Package contains:

One Huni Badger BlazeTip


Here is a good read on the environmental harm from lighters:

"Disposable cigarette lighters are much as a part of daily life as a toothbrush. On first examination, they seem quite innocuous; however, there is a global, ecological cost to this toxic convenience that has woven itself so deeply into our social environment. 

The Bic Company is the largest manufacturer of disposable lighters in the world, manufacturing upwards of 2 billion lighters annually, accounting for 50% of world sales and dominates over 73% of the US market. 

The numbers are staggering from an ecological point of view. Butane lighters contain a number of chemicals that are dangerous to the environment when discarded including petroleum products, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, flint (ferrocerium) and butane gas to name a few.

Much of the world’s trash is burned. Disposable lighters produce toxic gasses when burned in trash. When the thermoplastic polyoxymethylene (POM) that is used to form the stiff casing of a disposable lighter is exposed to chemicals such as chlorine, strong acids, and alkaline it can degrade POM and release formaldehyde. Many of these chemicals known to degrade POM are readily available in landfills. 

The flint, ferrocerium (a blend of 5 metals), degrades into a volatile powder which is extremely flammable. 

In marine areas such as the Midway Atoll, disposable lighters are responsible for the death of birds and fish that mistake them for food. The objects choke, cut, poison, cause dehydration and death from malnutrition because their internal systems are suppressed. 

During the White House announcement for the Marine Debris initiative in 2007, former first Lady Laura Bush noted that, “We became very fond of the albatross, but we also witnessed first-hand the carcasses of a lot of infants who had ingested cigarette lighters.""

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