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***The Huni Badger Wholesale Starter Bundle is discounted to $3000 once you are signed up on the website and approved for wholesale***

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The Huni Badger Wholesale Starter Bundle comes with everything you need to launch the Huni Badger in your shop. The bundle includes 3 Huni Badger kits of each color and the Huni Badger's essentials, such as extra batteries, chargers, bubblers, HuniTips, and merch. The Wholesale Starter Bundle also comes with one black Huni Badger kit to be used for display/demo. Flyers and brochures containing more details about the Huni Badger are included with every order. Two of our most popular bubblers are featured in the wholesale bundle: the Honeybird Core kit (including the HBNC adaptor) by Nectar Collector and the Badger Bullet by 710SciGlass. This bundle includes everything you need to kick-start selling the Huni Badger products in your store and sell to customers looking for an easy, portable device to consume extracts.

With the Huni Badger, torchless dabs are ready within mere seconds of powering on. The patented HuniTip technology utilizes ceramic to heat up and vaporize any extract. The Huni Badger's portable, sturdy design makes for easy dabs to come along any adventure. The pair of batteries helps to keep your experiences charged up for those times you need it most. Get ready to dab & go with all that you need!

Every Huni Badger device is covered by our 3-year warranty, no matter where it is purchased from. If your customers are having any issues with their device, please have them email us at admin@hunibadger.com or give us a call at 702-998-9536 and we will be happy to be of assistance. As a part of our 3-year warranty, we take care of all warranties and repairs for the Huni Badger.

Included with the Wholesale Bundle:

  • 3x Huni Badger kits of each color (Nitro Green, Calico, Candy Purple, Crimson Red, Royal Blue, Black)
  • 1x Black Huni Badger Display/Demo
  • 18x HB-D2 chargers
  • 18x Pairs of Infinity 18650 batteries
  • 10x Nectar Collector Honeybird Core Kit Bubblers (includes HBNC adaptors)
  • 6x 710sciglass Badger Bullet Bubblers
  • 25x High Temp HuniTips
  • 5x Low Temp HuniTips
  • 3x Huni Bags
  • 20x Lanyards
  • 5x of each Air Freshener (Squash & Black Ice)
  • 2x Sticker Packs
  • 2x of each colored Flight Tags (4 colors)
  • 3x Huni Dab Pads
  • 5x Wholesale Exclusive Tees
  • 2x Huni Badger Authorized Retailer Decals

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