If you missed this year’s Blazers Cup, make sure you don’t miss the next one!

Tommy Chong is one of the main players in the cannabis industry. He’s been a lifelong advocate of cannabis legalization. Now that the collective hard work of many, many people is starting to pay off, Tommy decided to throw an annual celebration.

He calls it – The Blazers Cup.

This year’s Cup was held on December 2nd & 3rd in the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California. Tommy went all out making sure this event was something to remember. And you know Huni Badger was there!

The two-day festival was thriving with attendees, vendors, and Blazers Cup competitors. There were samples of everything to be enjoyed and shared. From fire flowers to some of the most exotic extracts we’ve ever seen, there was definitely no shortage of cannabis!

What’s better than a cannabis festival? A cannabis festival with live music, of course.

Berner, B-Real, Dizzy Wright, and Scott Storch were only a few of the big names that shattered the main stage over the weekend. Fans flooded social media with pics and posts from the event. But the music wasn’t the only main attraction. Tommy himself was doing his thing, meeting with fans, hosting, and of course, blazing away!

With more than 25,000 attendees shopping the 500+ vendor booths, everyone came away with ganja, gear, and great memories.

But, this is a Cup event, and every entrant was bringing their best in the hopes of claiming a 1st place trophy at The Blazers Cup!

As with any competition, there can only be one winner per category, and this year’s winners were well deserving of their awards. We Huni Badger lovers are most interested in the Concentrates, which is divided into two main categories! Nothing is better than dipping that ceramic tip of into some fire, and here are the two best from the weekend.

First place in the Best Concentrate went to Connected Cannabis for their Gusher Sauce. (pictured above)

In the Best Concentrate (Non Solvent), The Humboldt Cure took first place for their Zombie Fields Love Rosin. If you’ve never tried rosin, it’ll change your life!

One look and you'll just know it's divine!

Top Flowers honors went to The Seed Vault for their Gelato hybrid. The Hydro Boys G-13 won for best indica. And taking the top prize for sativa was Cheese, by Golden State Greens.

Other awards were handed out for Edibles, Pre-Rolls, Glass, Topicals, and more. Having established itself as one of the premier Cannabis Cup events in the nation, The Blazers Cup is quickly becoming an annual tradition for canna-enthusiasts from around the world.

Don’t miss out on your chance to go next year. And don’t forget to take your very own Huni Badger along!

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