For years, the dab scene has been evolving.

Taking dabs has had very creative beginnings, regarding the methods used to inhale hashish. It all began with the old-school method known as “hot-knifing”. This is achieved by heating a knife over the stove and upon coming in contact with it, the hash vaporizes which is quickly inhaled.

Nowadays, there are various methods being used for concentrates and extracts.

The most common are water pipes or a “rig” equipped with a nail, whether it be a banger, dome/dome-less, or a sling. Nails are usually made of ceramic, titanium, or quartz. They are heated up with a torch and the extracts are "dabbed" onto the hot surface, producing vapors, which are then inhaled through the water pipe. This system requires a torch to heat the nail, a dab tool to hold the extract, plus a carb cap and timer for low temperature dabs. Some new users may be turned away by the torch and the tedious steps it takes for the perfect hit.

E-nails, on the other hand, are basically like the traditional nail and water pipe method, but eliminates the need of a torch. They include a plug-in power supply that heats up a coil fitted around a special nail to vaporize concentrates. Most avid dabbers would prefer this method, but it can be costly due to purchasing the enail controller unit, a rig, and a specially designed nail that is compatible with the heating coil. Also, most aren’t portable and cordless, so you would have to be near a power outlet for it to be fully operational.

That was just a rundown of the typical dab rigs available on the market. Everyone is looking for the best portable dab rig which would simplify the process.

The HUNI BADGER takes it to the next level when it comes to dabbing. Here’s why:

  • HuniTip – The HuniTip heating element is made of a ceramic barrel that brings out the terpene profile of your extracts by vaporizing them at the optimum temperature. Each Huni Badger kit comes with both a high and low temp HuniTip .
  • 18650 Battery - Powered by 18650 Li-Ion batteries, the Huni Badger eliminates the need for torches and power cords. These batteries are rechargeable and have a high capacity for multiple sessions on-the-go.
  • LED Light - Don’t dab in the dark! Now you can illuminate your extracts and vaporize your concentrates in low light environments. Perfect for when you’re out camping, night fishing, star gazing—you name it!
  • Safety – Each unit has a 60 second automatic shut off as a safety feature. This helps avoid the mistake of leaving it powered on and unattended.
  • Hard Case - Each kit includes a waterproof hard case that keeps the contents secure and dry.
  • Optional Water Filtration – With a 510 and 14mm attachment included, you are able integrate different water bubblers to achieve the smoothest hits.
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