To use the Huni Badger:

  1. Pull off magnetic battery cover on the side of the Huni Badger to install an 18650 battery with the positive (+) and negative (-) connections matching the markings on the inside.
  2. Pull open the magnetic cap on the bottom of the device to reveal the mouthpiece and HuniPot stored within.
  3. Slide open the dust cover on top of the device to expose the threaded airway.
  4. Thread in the mouthpiece clockwise until snug.
  5. Prepare your extracts for use.
  6. Press the power button 5 times to turn on the Huni Badger. The logo on the button will glow, the LED light turns on, and the HuniTip begins to heat up immediately.
  7. The Huni Badger reaches operating temperature in roughly 10 seconds. CAUTION: NEVER TOUCH THE HUNITIP BEFORE IT HAS COOLED DOWN.
  8. Inhale gently through the mouthpiece while dabbing the HuniTip directly onto your extracts.

Note: The device will automatically turn off after 60 seconds as a safety feature. To continue use, press the power button 5 times and the device will be ready to go again.

After Use:

  1. Make sure device is turned off. (LED and power button light should both be off)
  2. Unscrew the mouthpiece and shut the dust cover.
  3. Replace mouthpiece and HuniPot back within their compartments in the magnetic cap.
  4. Insert HuniTip into the mouthpiece compartment and secure magnetic cap.
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