How to clean the Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer

  1. Remove battery from the Huni Badger.
  2. Take the mouthpiece and HuniPot out from the magnetic cap.
  3. Clean the mouthpiece and magnetic cap with isopropyl alcohol.
  4. Remove the HuniTip by turning it counterclockwise.
  5. Slide the dust cover open. Soak a pipe cleaner with isopropyl alcohol and run it straight through the airway.
  6. Clean the threaded areas near the dust cover and the bottom of the airway.
  7. Reinsert HuniTip and secure it by turning clockwise.
  8. Reassemble and wipe down the entire unit.
  9. To clean the HuniTip, turn on the Huni Badger and run it through a few heating cycles to burn off residue.
  10. The Huni Badger automatically shuts off in 60 seconds. You may need to repeat this process, if necessary.
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