Prepare to elevate your dabbing experience with the upcoming release of the Huni Badger Pro – the innovative game changing device updated with 10 years of user feedback.

It's time for a design update:

After a decade of refining and perfecting our craft, we are thrilled to introduce the Huni Badger Pro – a digital evolution inspired by a decade of user feedback and experience. With a touch-activated LCD screen and improvements tailored to our community's insights, the Huni Badger Pro redefines concentrate indulgence, showcasing the synergy between consumer needs and groundbreaking technology.

Experience Performance Beyond Expectations:

We updated our patented straight-through stainless steel airway and coil-less full ceramic HuniTip design. By shortening and optimizing the base of the HBProTip, and incorporating designs to further seal the airway, we have significantly minimized reclaim vapor seepage into the main body components. Say goodbye to the need for multiple HuniTips for various extracts! With three temperature settings, you gain the ability to effortlessly tailor your experience, ensuring exceptional performance and flavor using just one HBProTip. These improvements not only elevate your overall usage but also simplify the device's maintenance and cleaning. We've also added a USB-C charging port to ensure uninterrupted sessions, with pass-through technology that allows charging while in use.

Versatility Meets Convenience:

More than a vaporizer, the Huni Badger Pro is a lifestyle companion. Equipped with a magnetic tool, HuniPot storage, and an array of adapters, this device seamlessly adapts to your every situation – at home, on the go, or wherever your adventures take you.

Teaser Tips and Tricks:

As we gear up for the official launch, stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook for exclusive sneak peeks, teaser tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the making of the Huni Badger Pro. Explore a world of possibilities and innovation that will transform the way you experience your favorite concentrates.

Save the Date:

Mark your calendars and join us at the Las Vegas Champs Tradeshow on February 14-17th, 2024 as we unveil the Huni Badger Pro to the world. This is more than a product launch; it's an invitation to revolutionize your vaping journey.

Exclusive Pre-Launch Access:

Be among the first to experience the future of vaping! Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive pre-launch access to get VIP privileges, early bird discounts, and a chance to secure your Huni Badger Pro before it hits the shelves.

Get ready to #ExperienceInnovation with the #HuniBadgerPro. Your dabbing journey is about to reach new heights. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to elevate!

Comments: 17
Osbaldo Capistran 2024-01-31 07:40
I can wait I’ve been a day one .
Nassif 2024-02-01 15:02
I don't wait until the time to buy it and try it, if with the normal Hunibadger it has gone very well, with this one I imagine it will be spectacular.
Adam C Heaverin 2024-02-03 11:33
I've been impressed with huni badger from the get go. Build quality was apparent immediately. I look forward to the updated HBPro!!! Send me one to review and I'll see if you met or exceeded standards!
J Meyers 2024-02-03 16:34
Awesome! I’ll be first in line to grab one. You guys kick ass for listening to your fans, keep on keepin on.
Mike Cohen 2024-02-13 08:34
Can’t wait the best only gets better !
Patrick Hutchinson 2024-02-13 09:35
Ill be pre ordering, i have 3 currently and love them all!
Andrew King 2024-02-13 12:29
I cant wait, I will have one as soon as it comes out. Love my Hunibadger, had it for years and use it daily!
Jesse Hayes 2024-02-13 16:08
Please fix the cap , I have broke way to many tips from taking it off at an angle wish it had a protector on it.

Reply by Huni Badger: We addressed this issue with the Huni Badger Pro.  It now has a deeper well for the magnetic basket to help prevent it from twisting during transport or opening.
Jesse Hayes 2024-02-13 21:01
I wanna join
Karla 2024-02-13 21:35
I’ve have my #Hunibadger OG since 2018 and it’s still going strong. I just replaced her glass to keep her looking as smooth and clean as possible. I’ll definitely appreciate an upgraded one to use as well. I’m an electronics geek so upgrades are life!!! Thank you for having awesome products.
Andrew King 2024-02-24 15:05
Ordered my pro 2/23 can't wait to rip it!
Justin Augustine 2024-02-24 22:00
The stainless steel air tube needs to be a little bigger,and the tips need to be wired to where they still work when they break from the tip of the ceramic tip(that way it's still usable ,and can finish the sesh)The tips need to be a little stronger and a lil wider especially the metal insert on the tip need to be same size hole as the entry point of the tip that's where it always gets clogged the most. Other than that it's the best e vape nectar collector there is ,and if u would fix the clogging issue like I just mentioned the no one can beat it ever great job guys!!
Blaize Bowdle 2024-02-25 14:12
without a doubt my favorite piece in my collection. I’ve had it for years; still works great, I’ve got multiple attatchments, and I’ll gladly invest in whatever you guys recommend. keep up the excellent work, and thanks again for everything you guys do, especially the tutorial vids on youtube. suuuuper helpful, especially for cleaning!
Vanjon Arvidson 2024-04-02 14:46
I would like to purchase one
James Madison 2024-04-16 06:59
I was wondering is there any chance the blaze tip will work on the new huni badger pro?

Response by Huni Badger: It will screw in and heat up, but the original tips are longer and the magnetic cap wouldn't close if using the original tips.
Christina 2024-05-08 02:35
I absolutely love the honey badger / pro and most importantly the attachments do not compare to regular nectar collectors by far. Totally worth the money and I would love to even work for them
David 2024-05-22 08:58
Does the huni badger pro get hotter then the original huni badger?

Response by Huni Badger - With the HIGH temp setting, it can reach a higher temperature than the high temp HuniTip, but they're pretty close.
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