If you had a chance to visit the Huni Badger booth, you would know that it was a VIBE at Kushstock 2021 -- full of heavy hitting delicious dabs provided by Mojave Cannabis. Nothing like some dabs to connect people and meet new friends. Kushstock is an 18+ general admission festival that featured live performances, available for all Medical Marijuana patients and cannabis enthusiasts 21 years or older. This year, Xzibit rocked the floor and had the festival jumping! We are looking forward to the next live event to meet new people and show them the Huni Badger way to enjoy their favorite concentrates on-the-go. Know any cannabis events coming up around your town? Comment below and you might find a Huni Badger booth there!

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Trevor 2023-03-28 12:46
**I emailed this to you too** Hello @HuniBager My name is Trevor Mills and im from Phoenix AZ. Im a huge fan and I had the Huni Bager when they first came out. i had the OG green one ya feel? But oh no i lost it in Cali while on vacation with my mama a while back. So I bought the Black Mini yesterday*I LOVE IT* but its not everything that I was hoping to be honest, Not as strong, doesnt get as big hits, and it just doesn’t feel the same in your hand as the OG Huni Bager. No im not putting any “bad” reviews on your site or in anywhere. But itd be cool if you could send me a replacement “OG” Bager. I can send my mini one in to you if you’d like?. Let me know what you feel would be best.
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