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Huni Badger Nectar Collector (HBNC) Foam Insert Upgrade for the OEM Huni Badger hard case

With the HBNC Foam Insert, you can bring along the best portable dabbing setup safely and securely everywhere you go.

The HBNC Foam Insert Upgrade re-configures your existing Huni Badger hard case to accommodate a Huni Badger unit along with a Nectar Collector HuniGuide or HoneyBird bubbler, 2 HuniPots, and also an extra slot for a spare HuniTip.

*Fits directly into your existing Huni Badger hard case


  1. Remove all accessories from the Huni Badger waterproof hard case and set them aside
  2. Carefully remove bottom foam insert from the Huni Badger case (try and leave the original adhesive tape in the case)
  3. Remove any residual foam from the bottom case to ensure a level surface 
  4. Press the new HBNC Foam Insert into the bottom case
  5. Apply even pressure along the border for a secure fit
  6. Test fit your Huni Badger & accessories into the reconfigured case

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